Quinceanera Dresses

When searching for the perfect

quinces dress, the first place you might think of looking is a wedding dress vendor. Then you realize how expensive that can be. I wanted to write this article or blog, to suggest an option for those looking into budget quinceanera dresses.

This unique alternative to expensive dresses, especially for those that can't find the perfect dress is to hire a seamstress. Hire someone to make a beautiful one of a kind dress for your quinces.

Here is a seamstress we found in Miami. We know several friends that have worked with her and have been satisfied with her services. So I asked the seamstress a few questions on how she works with quinceaneras to get the perfect dress. Her name is Mariana and the first thing she does is get a feel for what the quinceanera likes and dislikes. Some girls know exactly what they want and they bring rough drawings or tearouts from magazines. While others don't know where to start in choosing the right dress. Here are some of the questions that Mariana asks her clients to help them decide and create the perfect vision of the perfect dress:

Is there a material you like?

Do you want to have a big traditional dress or are you more concerned about wearing something you can dance in?

Is there a theme for you party that can give you ideas for the dress?

If you wish to have your own quinces dress made especially for you please contact us by filling out our contact form.